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The Love of My Life

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

-Lao Tzu


Knowing love and feeling it are two different things. Knowing describes an understanding of its abstract nature. Feeling describes the freeing desire to beam in every direction possible. I love you and the way you love us. We are not the same as we were. We continue to grow each day and it’s all because of love. The love we share for each other; and the love we have for Kimei, propels us forward. Each day is a new journey as one, walking in the path of love.

I promise to walk, talk, and grow with love.


A union aligns visions, hearts, souls, and minds. It creates an environment that elevates everyone and everything around it. It compromises and understands the value of open and available communication. Our union is learning, growing and teaching. Our unity is a cycle of waning and waxing; giving both left and right the chance to illuminate front and center. You are the yin to my yang, and our balance will be an example for generations to come.

I promise to inspire our children through action and commitment.


Language is important. It is the foundation of good and effective communication. We speak with the same tongue. Sometimes in different languages, but the same tongue nonetheless. I see your needs. I see your desires. I do my best to speak your love languages and you do your best to speak mine. Sometimes messages get lost in translation; but what really matters is that every moment, of every day, we give it another shot.

I promise to encourage and nurture your mental, physical and emotional health.


I think of you when I wake up. I think of you before I go to sleep. Taking the time to consider your needs and wants has become second nature. While I may not always succeed, I am trying my best. It takes energy and patience to consider another’s feelings when making every decision in life. It takes even more when that person is a child. Your patience and energy when thinking of our feelings is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

I promise to never stop learning and loving you.


The quote above speaks to the difference between being loved by someone and giving love to someone. Relationships are about give and take. It is impossible to pour from an empty cup. A statement that could also translate to, it is imperative to keep your cup full. This means surrounding yourself with people who can fill your cup the same way that you fill theirs. There is also a difference between filling to be loved and filling because of love. I fill your cup because I love you; not because I want you to fill mine in return. I fill your cup because it makes me happiest to see you being the best YOU. I fill your cup because when you succeed, we succeed.

I promise to inspire you to be a better you.


I want to leave our names in the sands of time. I love your mind. I enjoy creating in the same space as you. Our creative energies always know and entangle with each other. I marvel at the sight of your wheels turning in creation. It evokes a deeper passion, to manifest my dreams, when you entrust me with your ideas. I’m so excited to establish with you. It is my pleasure to ‘do the thing’ for the rest of our lives.

I promise to be your Zhu Li.


For such a long time I thought relationships were about completing each other. I thought that my perfect match would be the complete opposite of me. Someone who would be things that I wasn’t and never had to be. When I met you, we had so much in common. You seemed to be me in so many ways, and vice versa. You began to teach me that relationships are made up of two complete individuals. I already have everything I need. Because of that, you can amplify all that I am and I can do the same for you. Thank you for showing me what it means to live completely.

I promise to be a better me every day.

I love you King. Cheers to Year 6. Another new beginning for us. Another year of love. Another year of adventure. Another year of us. Thank you for my family. I am beyond grateful for everything you have done, are doing, and will do for us.

Love, Shanae


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