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tuesdays's vomitting words

Today is a day when everything makes sense... but nothing makes sense at all.

today is a day when I know exactly what I need to do... but I'm not sure where to start.

Today is a day when I am so sure of myself and my decisions... but I'm also questioning every single thing.

I can't really explain the vast world of emotions living inside my head right now. I want to / this will be our word vomit for the day. I am going to post one word vomit each week to get into the habit of posting, as well as, sharing my thoughts / during word vomits, grammar is less important than releasing the ideas / short and sweet I am overwhelmed and also numb / so many thoughts but I can't seem to type fast enough or comprehend fast enough for that matter / the tracks they have on Gabby in Gabby's Dollhouse are also really bothering me / this isn't like anything else and just because you have not seen it like this before... that doesn't mean that you aren't supposed to innovate / so much to do, so little time . tomorrow is another day to try and see what I can do and how effective I can be.


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