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100 Days & Counting

100 Days and Counting..

Today Marks Day 100 of Your Inner Lily! The purpose of this Blog & Instagram is to discuss and promote ways to harvest your inner Passion and to preserve and protect your Youth.

A lily is flower that symbolizes innocence, growth, passion, and renewal, among other things. It is important to value and encourage the passion and innocence inside of you while consistently growing and renewing your spirit.

Your Inner Lily speaks to a field of lilies waiting to bloom. A world of people waiting to reach their highest potential. Remember that you are your own field of flowers, each blooming at the proper moment. Think of your flowers as your lessons learned. It takes acknowledgement and nurturing to grow a flower. You need the same thing. Each lesson is handled differently than the other but the end game is always the same, to be a better YOU.

Continue on this journey with me. Keep watering your flowers. They will bloom when they are supposed to. Some will wilt, some will give us seeds to grow new ones. Never be discouraged & always be encouraged!

100 Days and Counting..

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