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You Don't Own Me

“And don’t tell me what to say, and don’t tell me what to do..”

Being under a microscope has got to be one of the most demeaning things in the world. Feeling like you can’t eat or breathe without permission. Why do we do this. We do this with everything; fears, expectations, and especially people; limiting our success at the risk of being free from ourselves and others.

“Just let me be myself, that’s all I ask of you..”

Being able to express yourself however you would like is so liberating. It’s such a hassle being a minion to not only your own beliefs, fears and habits; but also to someone else’s demands and insecurities. You should never let someone else’s insecurities dictate your actions no matter how profound or enticing their “perks” may be. If we all walked around feeling like Lisa, things would definitely be more natural.

“I’m young, and I love to be young..”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” Bottom line is LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Live in the moment. Remember to have fun. Stress will come but always being able to hold on to your youth will keep you sane.

“I’m free, and I love to be free..”

Never let someone tie you down without the strings. If you’re not in a relationship don’t limit yourself to the confinements of being that person’s “asset” or “property”. It’s not fair for them to require your full attention if they are not willing to make a commitment. Especially if the commitment isn’t out of true desire. Spread your wings and fly. Don’t stay in the nest because the worms are free if you are bigger than the tree.

“To live my life the way that I want; To say and do whatever I want..”

Make your own decisions, who the hell cares what makes someone else happy? What makes you happy? Let her/him know that you make your own rules. It’s never about them, always about you. If they can’t live with that, they can either step up or step down. It’s completely up to you which road you want them to take. I say tell them to take the high road and jump off a cliff to lonliness. They will obviously be happy there.

“Forever Young and Free, Darling You Don’t Own Me..”


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