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The Other Woman

In society dating back to before our grandparents, grandparents were born, there had always been a fear of The Other Woman. The Other Woman usually refers to a mistress of some sort with whom you share your significant other’s attention. Today, it is almost glorified to be The Other Woman. Often times another woman can make you feel like you aren’t doing something. This is most often completely untrue. Sometimes men just use their sexual urges as excuses to act irresponsibly and selfishly. In this moment, I challenge you to become The Other Woman.

Now I do not mean for you to find a man who is in a relationship and disrespect those boundaries. No. I am telling you to give your significant other (code name: Bleeker) the time of his life. Your relationship could be in tip top shape, but who doesn’t want to keep the spark. Role Play! Amazing Role Play! Here a some tips to really great role play.

Be Confident - in order to play someone else you have to be comfortable with who you are. Go all out; name her, refer to her in third person, give her a cute little background story. Make it fun!Find Out What He Likes - you have to make him comfortable as well. Try and live out his deepest, darkest fantasies, even if you aren’t particularly crazy about the idea. Find Out What YOU Like - DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOU! After all it’s your sex life too. It can’t always be about him. You are adding pizzaz! You have to feel it!Get Some Costumes - what little girl didn’t love to play dress up? Get some cute shoes, buy some lingerie, g-strings, corsets, tutus, whatever floats your boat. And this is totally the time to buy those stripper heels you always wanted. ; ]Get Some Accessories/Toys - of course toys sound like things you use by yourself but that’s not always the case. Get some handcuffs, a whip, a vibrating ring, some flavored gels, anything goes! Even get some boas, headbands, wings, things you can wear with nothing else. The less you have on, the less you have to take off.Have an AMAZING Time - it’s about creating the passion between the two of you and appreciating the creativity and lust. Yes, I said lust. Lust is the fire. In every good relationship there is always some lust to accompany the Love. Treat it like a movie, you are the star and you want a grammy for your amazing performance.

Remember, every now and then it’s okay to let your alter ego flourish. You might even have a few different personas. Lily could be sweet and innocent - Dita, sultry and demanding - Vicki, seductive and playful - while Amber is just down right dirty! It’s your world, remember that! Happy Adventures!


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