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The word perfect has so many things attached to it. Requirements, Expectations, Rules, Regulations, Sex, Age, Career, Income, Race, Lifestyle, and the list goes on. It’s never enough to simply just be yourself and all of what that means. It’s never enough to simply do unto others as you would have them do unto you. No, you have to go above and beyond, not to satisfy your standards but to satisfy the standard that is perfection. This topic does not need to be developed into an essay, more like a BCR. It’s actually a quite easy concept to acknowledge.

In order to validate the word perfect as it pertains to people, that would imply the existence of Flaws. If everyone looked at their “flaws” as symbols of uniqueness, the word perfection would have no place in describing people. Perfection would only then apply to work and most material things. I say most material things because anything that you create or creatively modify would then be a reflection of you. Just like you, it would have it’s own unique characteristics that make it yours and no one else’s.

If everyone looked at the word perfection and did not apply it to themselves, they would have no choice but to love their individuality and the individuality of others. There would be no such thing as racism or sexism. Everyone would not be looked at as equal, but as unique and treated as such. If no one is looked at as anything other than unique; it would be hard for them to be seen as a threat. Let’s all start to see ourselves in a more characteristic light. Seeing ourselves for the people we are and not for the people everyone is telling us we need and have to be.


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