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Mind over Matter

The ancient proverb Mind over Matter is popularly explained as “the use of willpower to overcome physical problems”. Some use it as a way to avoid an addiction or overindulgence. Some use it in reference to their interactions with others, not allowing another’s actions to affect them.

In thinking of mind over matter in one of it’s most literal forms, the mind is more powerful than the body, there is a very important question that can be asked. What is the correlation between Mind and Matter?

Mind directly correlates with intellect. Matter directly correlates with emotion. Mind speaks to your intellect because your intelligence, no matter which aspect, is communicated through either thoughts or words. While Matter, speaks to your emotion because your emotions, whether you are aware or not, are communicated through your body.

The correlation for me, then becomes clear. Mind researches and debates Matter, and Matter guides and clarifies Mind. The way I see it, Mind is the substance of all your thinking. While yes, Mind can include everything that you are, I think it is important to separate emotional thinking from intellectual thinking. Think about it this way, The intellect has to study something in order to create daily responses and actions. That something is how you feel; and if how you feel is communicated through your body, your mind has to then study your body. Your emotions just are. You can’t both, be healthy and think yourself into a feeling. You have to just allow your body to do whatever it needs to do, to keep you healthy. In the process, it is your body that is teaching your mind what to think.

I know it sounds foolish to place Mind & Matter on the same playing field but in order to really overcome physical problems, addiction or overindulgence, you must understand every piece of you. Your Mind can’t do that alone. It needs your Matter as well. So for me it can’t be Mind Over Matter. It has to be Mind & Matter.


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