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Mama's Day

Updated: May 9, 2023

I'm a Mama who has carried and given birth.

I'm a Mama who has carried and lost.

Mother's Day is typically hard for me. I know so many people who have lost their moms. Who have lost their babies. I know people who don't have the best relationships with their moms. I know people who wish they could be better moms.

I always have a hard time responding to text messages and answering phone calls. I often feel like I'm not good enough. I struggle to understand and accept that I deserve to be celebrated. I also find it hard to celebrate when my experience has been so challenging. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally… challenging— traumatizing even.

Motherhood is really scary. By far the scariest part about being a woman. Not to mention what’s going on in the world right now…. It’s hard to even fathom what this day should really mean to everyone. It’s just hard.

There’s no big revelation here. No ”but all in all…” statement to be made. I just want to say it’s hard. Today… was hard.

We need to take better care of the moms. The responsibility is society’s; not just their immediate village.

We NEED to take better care of the moms.

Of course I also know Wonderful, Powerful, Amazing mamas too. Sometimes I even put myself in that category. I hope y’all were celebrated however you wanted. You deserve it.


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