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Fear of Flying

When a bird is standing at the edge of a cliff, what holds her back? Is it the fear that she will fall to her inevitable defeat? Or is it the fear that she will soar to immeasurable heights?

We are the birds, on our own cliffs, trying to decipher which fate will be easier to accept. The answer is neither. Both of these choices are just that, choices, none greater than the next.

What is it about the possibility of success that we are so afraid of? Why do we find it so hard to praise ourselves for the amazing things we are capable of? Do we feel we are not deserving? Do we feel someone else has worked harder? What is it about “us” that doesn’t fit the standard of success? What makes us different?

I’ll tell you what. Absolutely. Nothing. We are worthy of success. We are capable and deserving of defining what that means. We are capable of flying. Who’s to say that falling will be the end? Who’s to say that 5 feet from the ground we won’t feel the wind beneath our wings and soar above and beyond? Who’s to say that we won’t soar past anything imaginable? Who’s to say? You are. I am. We are in control.

That fear can either consume our right to a choice or enlighten our strength to choose. It’s up to you. Spread those bright, bold, beautiful wings and FLY.


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