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Exploring My Inner Lily

Day One.

Today I realized that I am ready for a few different things.

- The Next Stage

- Outlining My Business Plan for Life

- My Life as a Guinea Pig

- Inspiring Growth and Confidence in Women of All Ages

In this next stage of life I aspire to rise further into my potential. These past Twenty-Two years of life have been more than anyone could ask for. A life that has been filled with adventures, misfortune and soon to be true and genuine happiness. I plan to finally transition back into the innocence of childhood when there wasn’t a care in the world. A place where I am confident in my beliefs, morals and values. A place where I am not letting others dictate my mentality or actions. A place where I am, simply put, comfortable In My Own Skin.

A Business Plan you ask? Yes. A business plan is what I would like to create for my life. Something that lists what I want to accomplish and my ideal way to accomplish it. In the past I have been more than against change but these days I am more reluctant to accept both the idea and action of change. With that being said, I am still very much so a rigorous planner. I feel the need to plan so that I have a generalized idea of the direction I am going in. I do however understand the way to universe works. By that I just mean that no matter what I want to happen; What will be, will be and what will not be, will not be. I am prepared for the new obstacles that life will bring; I would just like to be responsible for the track that I am running on.

The other day I was talking to my bestfriend about life and all of its questions. One significant question I came up with, was Who Is My Guinea Pig?I know that may sound strange to some. The most common assumption from this question would be that I was looking for someone to try things out on. On the contrary, my implications were to find the person who has been put here to go through different scenarios that would align with mine to be able to assist me with my life and experiences. The way I see it, I have gone through more than most around me, as a guinea pig to test the waters; to encourage the insight of others. It has always been my life’s work to help others. Instead of harvesting my knowledge into others I’ve selfishly searched for answers to questions that weren’t yet written. Maybe it isn’t my job to answer life’s mysteries but to aide others in finding their own mysteries. Everyone struggles differently but giving someone the tools and insight to handle their struggles is a start to a world of happiness.

Lastly, I am ready to inspire growth and confidence in women of all ages. In a world where, The Man is a noun that describes more than one idea, personality and stigma, it is time for women to regain our confidence, intellect and level of comfort. In today’s generation women are too busy competing to really be their true selves and live as freely as they wish. I believe that as a woman the most important thing that I can be is, Non-Judgemental. If I don’t see flaws in myself the rate at which I can see them in anyone else is dramatically lower. The moment that I decide to judge the actions of someone else I am making it okay for them to judge me as well. The funny thing about humanity is that we are one big world of confusion and trend-setting (We will come back to this at a later date.) In not judging anyone, I just want everyone, ESPECIALLY WOMEN, to realize that right and wrong are far less cut and dry than the world would have us think. Everything is relative. That may sound ridiculous but the moment that we allow ourselves to really open up and allow everyone to live their lives the way they see fit, is the moment we also begin to live freely. Today I pledge to live a JUDGEMENT FREE LIFE. To respect things I don’t understand and to hold high things that I do. In order to respect something I do not have to agree with it. I just simply have to understand that everyone is individual and no two people are completely alike. What I feel is right, someone else feels is wrong and not only is that ok, but it is literally common and should be accepted.

Over this next year I want to bring you guys with me on my journey to happiness. Sharing my opinions on anything and everything as well as documenting my personal growth to greatness. I can’t wait for the ride and I hope you enjoy it with me!


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