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So my mind does this thing where everyone is talking at the same time. Now I mean that more figuratively than literally.

Imagine sitting in a room of 60 people. The key note speaker decides to begin the lecture with a thought provoking question. Now imagine that everyone begins to talk at the same exact time. Each of them discuss a different view point of the same subject. A different relationship to some other topic. Exhausting right?

Well that’s what’s going on in my head. More often than not lately. It’s like one thought, will provoke a chain reaction of thoughts in 16 different directions. Making it nearly impossible to think, let alone understand. This is very hard. I never imagined there being a such things as toooooo many thoughts.

I think this time my approach to assist in adapting will be to declutter. Most often if my mind is busy & I try to do anything, & I mean anything, my body mimics my mind. If I declutter my room, maybe my mind will follow. Not making the thoughts go away, just making them easier to read.

Let’s see how this goes.


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