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You are you, I am me, Differences aside, this is still we. We are still making a change, Helping each other grow & stay sane. Not everything we do will be perfect, But everything we endure will be worth it.

It is easy to separate “me” from us, Easy for “me” to encourage comfort in where “I” am. Fortunately, that comfort is not all there is, That is not all we are really worth. Do not be afraid, Stand tall & firm in the face of the unknown.

You are your greatest strength, A weakness is only what you make of it, You are more than what you see, Your vision is clouded by how you feel, Your happiness is a choice, A choice that only you can make.

Opinions of you are often irrelevant, Irrelevant if they are feeding your unwanted demons, Irrelevant if they give merit to what you consider inadequate. Perceptions of you can be inceptive, Arousing traits that were once hidden & overshadowed, Reassuring of attributes once denied.

Sometimes validation is in our hands, We need to believe in who we are. You can choose to be happy, You can choose you. If “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”, Who is in control of that power… YOU!

You are NOT just a “sad person”. You are creative. You are brave. You are dramatic. You are strong. You are opinionated. You Are You!

find comfort in yourself & then how that makes everyone else feel won’t matter.


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