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8 Things to Try on My Pursuit of Happiness

Day Two.

So today’s question is How Do I Want to Be Happy? When I say how I simply mean what do I think will be the necessary steps to get me to happy. I think in order to figure out what will work i need to just try a bunch of different things. So here goes my list of 8 Things to Try on My Pursuit of Happiness.

Things to Do Periodically

1. Creating Traditions with My Significant Other - Who better to create more traditions and memories with than your significant other. For my beau and I, I would like to go on a date once a week. Whether it’s a movie, a walk through the park, a picnic or a trip to a free museum. I just want to spend some quality time each week to cherish and enjoy each other.

2. Developing a Self-Care Routine - It is important to take care of me so I would like to develop a routine to ensure that. Whether it be lighting candles, listening to jazz, doing a spa regime, whatever.

3. Create a Summertime Bucket List - Bucket Lists are excellent ways to try new things and figure out what you do and do not like. I’m thinking maybe 28 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over.

4. Service Someone Less Fortunate Than I - Doing things for others is very rewarding. What could be more rewarding than to help the less fortunate. I would love to go to a soup kitchen, read to children in a hospital or help someone elderly across the street. Any little thing to help.

Things to Do Everyday

5. Doing Something I Love - Getting the passion back in my life might be hard but it is necessary. A good place to start is finding what I love and doing it.

6. Write Down One Positive Thing About Me - Rebuilding my self-esteem and confidence is necessary on my journey. What better way to do that than to compliment myself each day.

7. Take a Picture - I love taking pictures and capturing moments. I also love scrapbooking. In order to make a scrapbook of my journey I need to record it. The pictures don’t have to be of me, they can be anything that stands out that day.

8. Write a Letter for the Future - It is important to leave something to my legacy. These letters to the future can be; to my future husband, my future child, my future self, my future grandchild, whoever.

It’s a great thing for us to figure out what makes us happy and I encourage everyone to come up with a list for themselves to figure out what makes them happy. Good Luck on Your Journey!

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